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Last year we made our predictions on key themes for 2022 – check out last years blog here and let us know if you think we were right –

These are our thoughts for 2023

  1. Stress risk management – we know this is on the top of the agenda for the HSE as well as most organisations that recognise more needs to be done to focus on prevention rather than the sticking plasters for mental health. We are offering organisations support with implementing best practice solutions – get more info here:
  2. Financial Wellbeing remains a priority area, last year the impact of COVID19 was the driving force behind this, but now with the cost of living crisis, this is essential.  We wrote about this here: but also have been impressed by some of the industries approach.  Check out Danny Sullivan’s Group financial guide as an example of how the industry is responding
  3. Evidence based strategies – The National Forum for Health and Wellbeing at Work based at Alliance Manchester Business School produced a report, available They argued that for employers to successfully implement a strategy that improves subjective wellbeing – how we feel, function and evaluate our lives – business leaders must focus as much on the measurement of wellbeing in the workplace as they do on implementation.   With conflicting priorities and workplace and home based wellbeing challenges increasing, organisations need to use data and evaluation metrics to ensure that they are doing things right, but also doing the right things.
  4. Absence management or sometimes referred to as attendance management – with the ever increasing challenges with the NHS and access to treatment, more employees are likely to take time off awaiting treatment, so long term sick absence rates could increase for all organisations.   The Society of Occupational Medicine highlighted here 50% of UK workers do not have access to OH services.  Access to Occupational Health will help with absence management, encouraging early referrals and providing employer led treatment and support to help with some issues (e.g. physio and counselling).   If you don’t have an OH provider or want some help managing your current one, check out our page on this here on how we could help:
  5. Musculoskeletal disorders – Around 40,000 construction workers suffer injuries to muscles, bones, joints and nerves. In 2022 the HSE lauched their Work Right campaign and undertook 1000 inspections checking how workers are moving heavy or bulky materials. Check out their website for access to resources.  With this being the top cause of days lost to ill-health, we’re sure this is going to continue to be a focus area.

 We have touched on some of the areas which might come more into the force in 2023. But we’d love to hear other opinions about other topics high on your agendas this year.

Let us know what is going to be important to you and your organisation this year in terms of health and safety implementation.

As ever, if you want to discuss your plans with us and how we can help you shape, implement, or deliver those plans, please get in touch.

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