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Putting The 'Health & Wellbeing' Into Safety Course

Our new 1 day, construction specific, training course will enhance individuals knowledge on health and wellbeing.

Putting The “Health and Wellbeing” into Safety Course

Welcome to our newest offering, “Putting The “Health and Wellbeing” into Safety” course!

Does your organisation boast a robust safety culture yet seeks to fortify its commitment to health? Are you eager to empower your teams with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate health and wellbeing seamlessly into their roles, mirroring the same diligence applied to safety?

Our tailored one-day training course, specifically designed for the construction industry, is crafted to elevate individual awareness and understanding of health and wellbeing.

This course is ideal for Health and Safety Managers, construction teams, and Health and Wellbeing Champions who already possess a foundational knowledge of safety but are eager to apply a “health like safety” approach.

Course Highlights:

Importance of Health Risk Management in Construction:

  • Understand the unique health risks associated with the construction industry.
  • Learn effective strategies for assessing, controlling, and monitoring both physical and mental health hazards.
Individual Health Impact at Work:

  • Explore how an individual’s health can influence their performance and well-being in the workplace.
  • Gain insights into the support and management of health needs within a construction setting.
Organisational and Individual Wellbeing:

  • Define and differentiate between organisational and individual wellbeing.
  • Discover actionable steps the construction industry can take to create an environment that enables individuals to thrive.

How to Register Your Interest

Register your interest today by contacting our Managing Director, Jennie Armstrong. Click the link below, and let’s together build a workplace where health and wellbeing stand as pillars of strength alongside safety.

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