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Employee Wellbeing Workshops

The world of work has changed forever following the COVID19 pandemic, and whether you are working from home permanently, returned to an office or working in a hybrid way, your workforce’s wellbeing needs will always be a priority.  With still so much uncertainty and change, how do you enable and empower your employees to prioritise their own wellbeing and minimise personal stress?

Our workshops reflect on (a slightly adapted version of) Gallup’s 5 dimensions of wellbeing.

Research has shown that how your employees rate in these 5 elements will affect your business outcomes.  Our 60 minute workshops will:

  • help your employees understand what good wellbeing looks like for them
  • give them a tool to manage and plan their wellbeing through challenging times
  • focus on looking after themselves/each other and building resilient, effective teams
  • give you some baseline data on how your team is performing and focus areas for the future

We used these workshops to support organisations throughout the pandemic.  Check out our blog on our 5 tips for organisations to develop a wellbeing plan.

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