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Here at Construction Health & Wellbeing we are committed to helping construction workers and employers maintain a safe and happy working environment, which is why we have teamed up with LifeJacket Skin Protection for this Skin Cancer Awareness month to provide a free Skin Protection Guide.

LifeJacket’s mission is to stop the increase in skin cancer by making sure people know the facts, and the ways they can protect themselves. Jono, one of the co-founders of LifeJacket has this to say regarding skin cancer and the construction industry…

‘Skin cancer rates have doubled in the last 20 years and are forecast to double again in the next 20. It is a shocking statistic but one that deserves the attention of anyone who finds themselves outdoors for long periods of time throughout the year.

We know there is the tendency and temptation to only think about protecting your skin from UV during the summer months.

The truth is UV reaches our skin every single day, 365 days a year. With this in mind, the single best thing that can be done to look after the short, medium and long term health of your skin is to protect it from UV on a daily basis.

Regardless of it being sunny or cloudy, hot or cold, incorporating UV protection into your daily routine will ensure your skin is protected whatever you do.

The effects of UV damage are accumulative, so whilst not all damage will be apparent immediately, it will build up and start to show itself in years to come. It only takes one simple step to keep your skin safe and healthy.

Those in the construction industry are at an increased risk by virtue of spending more time outdoors and therefore being more exposed to UV rays throughout the year than most.

Raising awareness of the risks of skin damage and helping people better understand the science and facts when it comes to their skin health underpins everything we do at LifeJacket.

If you know the risks and dangers and understand your skin, you will be in the best possible position to take the right steps.

LifeJacket is proud to have partnered with Construction Health and Wellbeing, working side by side to raise awareness of the risks of skin damage in the construction industry.

In the same way hard hats, high-vis jackets and and a range of other equipment is required on sites, UV protection should be part of your PPE.

As well as our range of high performance, non-greasy products and UPF clothing, suitable for all skin types and sensitivities, we also offer a range of tools and information on all things skin safety.

If you are interested in understanding more about our products, information to share with your workforce or even a presentation/Q&A session, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We work with a range of groups, bodies and organisations around skin safety, health and wellbeing, so are always interested to explore what may work for you. We can offer a free site visit, email us at to enquire’




Download the free Skin Protection Guide Here

Visit the LifeJacket website here

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