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Happy 2024! Last year we wrote our predictions for 2023, and we got some right! You can find our predictions for 2023 HERE

Here we dive into the predictions and innovations that are set to make the construction industry in 2024 healthier and happier:

1. **Psychological Safety Programmes**
Picture this: an environment where people feel safe and empowered to speak up, challenge unsafe practices, and collaborate. It's not just beneficial for problem-solving and teamwork, but also a game-changer for our safety performance and overall industry wellbeing. We’re talking about creating a culture that prioritises psychological safety and embeds it in our Health and Safety culture programs.

2. **Iso45003: The Mental Health Revolution**
It’s time to give mental health and psychosocial risks the attention they deserve. Just like iso45001 transformed safety, we’re aiming to prioritise mental health with a systematic approach. It’s all about taking a risk-based approach to mental health and learning from the success we’ve seen in safety.

3. **OH and Hygiene Services: More Than Just a Box to Check**
Occupational health (OH) isn’t just another formality. It’s a treasure trove of proactive benefits waiting to be explored. Early referrals, expert advice, prevention-focused approaches, and solid support for our hardworking managers and supervisors. By cracking open this treasure chest, we’ll be better equipped to support our incredible workforce and create a healthy work environment.

4. **Sustainability + Wellbeing = Dream Team**
As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, we all need to collaborate and combine our efforts. We need to embrace Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting and ensure we are making evidence-based decisions that not only benefit our industry but also leave a positive impact on society.

5. **Tech-tastic Solutions for the Ultimate Healthy Workplace**
Like previous years, 2024 is all about embracing tech-based solutions for health and wellbeing. Think risk management apps, real-time monitoring for health exposures, and new tools and equipment! But hold your hard hats, with so many options to choose from, the real challenge is figuring out what’s truly worth investing in. It’s time to embrace innovation and test and trial the ones that will revolutionise how we take care of our people.

In a nutshell, 2024 is all about how we make the industry happier and healthier. From nurturing psychological safety to revolutionising mental health, prioritising OH services, integrating sustainability and wellbeing, and embracing tech wonders, we’re shaping the future of our industry. So let’s make 2024 the year construction becomes healthier, happier, and better than ever!

We have touched on some of the areas which might come more into the fore in 2024. But we’d love to hear other opinions about other topics high on your agendas this year.

Let us know what is going to be important to you and your organisation this year in terms of occupational health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in finding out more about how construction health and wellbeing can support you with occupational health  and workplace wellbeing in 2024 please get in touch by clicking here 

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