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The world of work is going to change forever, and whether we like the “new normal” term or not, your workforce’s wellbeing needs will have changed.

Reflecting on (a slightly adapted version of) Gallup’s 5 dimensions of wellbeing, it can be recognised that every element has changed in some way. For some of our workforce, these elements have improved, by getting more time to exercise, or more time with families/neighbours. For others, things have got worse, being more sedentary, strained relationships or under financial stress.   Research has shown that how your employees rate in these 5 elements will affect your business outcomes.

For all of us, its time now to stop, reflect and refresh our wellbeing plans. Here are our 5 steps to help organisations navigate the wellbeing needs of their workforce for the  coming months.

1. Help your workforce understand what their wellbeing needs are in the “new normal.” Run some workshops and give them tools and opportunity to reflect on what has changed and what a happy future looks like for them.

2. Get some data to establish a new baseline, and determine priorities.

3. Share the organisations vision for the “new normal.” What are the boundaries (e.g. restrictions on how many days working from home)? What are the opportunities?

4. Upskill managers in how to support their team’s wellbeing

5. Trial new things, review regularly, involve the workforce, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, none of us have all the answers!

A one size fits all approach to wellbeing has never really worked, but now this has been highlighted more than ever.  Our experiences and feelings towards the new normal are unique to each of us and it’s time we take a more individualised approach.

If you need any support with any of the 5 steps or want to understand more, please get in touch!

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