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Are your senior managers committed to supporting the stress risk assessment process and managing the causes of work-related stress?

You answered ‘NO’ to this question.

The Management Standards approach relies on senior management commitment and worker involvement throughout the process. Staff are more likely to take part if they see senior managers are committed to managing the causes of work-related stress.

Many employers are already committed to managing stress at work as they recognise that this brings benefits for the organisation. One of the major issues is the cost of work-related stress. This is not simply the cost of paying someone who is off sick but other less obvious costs such as presenteeism (low productivity due to workers being at work but in poor health) and recruitment costs, to replace demoralised staff who leave.

Preparing a simple business case based on these costs and benefits can help you get your senior managers on board. Remember, there is a legal duty to take action that you should highlight and you can make an ethical case, too.

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